7-26-2018     The City Lights single and music video have been a huge success! The video has been watched nearly 6,000 times already and the single is selling very well.  It has led to a HEADLINING TOUR for Dangerous Devil! The City Lights 2018 Tour already has two dates scheduled (August 10th and September 14th), with more dates in the works! The first show will feature 8 music artists as well as a DJ and catered bbq food! It all goes down at THE LOADING DOCK in Salt Lake City! Tickets are on sale now including VIP tickets! And can be purchased here:

5-31-2018     It is finally here! Dangerous Devil's brand new single "City Lights" drops Friday June 1st, 2018 at 10 am! The single will be available for download from this site as well as all major download and streaming sites such as Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon Music and more! Also, the music video drops at the same time in stunning 4K High Definition! This is gonna be a game changer for the industry and for Dangerous Devil himself! Buckle up and enjoy the video on Youtube and then download the brand new single as this will be the Summer 2018 crusin' classic!

03-30-2018     The end of 2017 was a busy year for Dangerous Devil with his health. He had a total of 7 surgeries between November and March 2018. But Dangerous Devil is on the road to recovery and ready to get back to the task at hand. Dangerous Devil is working on booking multiple events right now for the 2018 summer and year ahead! Keep checking back for event dates. 

01-23-2018     Dangerous Devil's first single from his new album "Blak Krow" entitled "City Lights", accompanying music video and lyric video are all nearly complete. But due to Dangerous Devil's need to step back from promotions and events at the end of 2017 and take care of health issues, the releases of all 3 have been pushed to 2018. This actually puts the releases in a better position to chart and be successful. Because Double D will be able to tour and support the project with events, where 2017 was a challenging year health wise for the artist. With multiple surgeries out of the way by Spring/Summer 2018, the artist can move ahead and is already planning events! 

11-20-2017     Shortly after having a triple surgery in November, Dangerous Devil's 15th annual  "Hip Hop For The Homeless" event happened and as usual was a huge success! 3 large truck loads of clothing, coats, blankets and stuffed animals  were donated by dozens of fans, friends and family! We are proud of the huge donations we have made over the years and it was a great and fitting way to have the final year of the event go out!

10-01-2017     Dangerous Devil will have a booth at the Redwood Swap Meet in West Valley City, Utah this Sunday (Reschedule for the rain out the weekend before)! COME OUT AND HANG WITH HIM, GRAB A CD, AUTOGRAPHED POSTER, T SHIRT AND SAY HI!

9-20-2107     Dangerous Devil will have a booth at the Redwood Swap Meet in West Valley City,Utah this Sunday! COME OUT AND HANG WITH HIM, GRAB A CD, AUTOGRAPHED POSTER, T SHIRT AND SAY HI! (Appearance Cancelled due to severe weather)

9-05-2017     The cover for Dangerous Devil's upcoming monster single "City Lights" is released to the world! The single, along with the official music video and lyric video are coming soon and are going to forever change the world of Hip Hop! 

9-03-2017      Dangerous Devil releases the long lost music video for his 2005 single "See No Evilz, Hear No Evilz"! After 12 years and thought lost, the music video was found (only partially finished) on a V.H.S. tape and meticulously restored and released for the world! You can watch it now on Dangerous Devil's official YouTube channel! 


6-21-2017     Dangerous Devil will be at the "Magna Arts Festival"! Dangerous Devil will be holding it down once again for Magna at the Arts Festival, Saturday, August 19th, 2017 from 10 AM to 8 PM! Dangerous Devil will be signing autographs, selling music, shirts and a ton more.... And his new nationwide single "City Lights" may just be available at this event

6-21-2017     Dangerous Devil has booked a second major event for July! Dangerous Devil will be appearing at "Halloween in July" in Magna City, where attendance is expected to be between 20,000 and 25,000 people! Double D will have a fan booth with free autogrpahs, posters and take pictures with fans! This event is gonna be an absolute blast! The event takes place on Saturday, July 15, 2017 all day long from 8 am to 8 PM! This will be THE event of the summer! 

6-21-2017      Dangerous Devil has secured two major events in July! Dangerous Devil will be appearing at the 4th of July celebration for Magna City, in Utah! Tuesday July 4th, taking place at Magna Park, near main street. Dangerous Devil will have a booth, complete with cds, merchandise, autographed poster signing and pictures with fans! Come out and see me starting at 12 PM until 10 PM

6-16-2017     Dangerous Devil will have a booth at the "Magna History Day" event today. He will visit with fans, take pictures, sign autographs, have cds and merchandise available and more!

05-22-2017     Join Dangerous Devil at his first music event for 2017, where we will have a booth at the Magna Father's Day Car Show Friday, June 16, 2017 (5PM to Dusk) at the Kennecott Senior Center (western most end of Magna Main Street)! Tons of Dangerous Devil merchandise will be available and Dangerous Devil will be doing free autographs, pictures and more! His daughter will also be selling one of a kind jewelery for her "Hearts & Crafts" jewelery line! The event is free to the public and should be a ton of fun! It will be at the Kennecott Senior Center parking lot at the west most end of Magna Main Steet. (Dangerous Devil will not be performing at this event. But he will be available to sign autographs, take photos and talk with fans).

04-28-2017     Music Video "That's Who I Be" is uploaded from the Dangerous Devil Vaults! The Song Written and Produced by Dangerous Devil features King Cevil and was a highly sucessful single for the release of Dangerous Devil's second compliation from the Area 51: The Playaz Project series! 

02-24-2017     Website 4:20 Website release party goes down live of Facebook! Tons of merchandise, movies and swag given away for the two weeks leading up to the event!  

01-24-2017     Release day for the brand new official Dangerous Devil website as well as Double D's birhtday!

01-01-2017     www.dangerousdevil.com goes live! Dangerous Devil's brand new site goes live and lauches to promote the new album "Blak Krow" coming summer 2017! 

11-15-2016     Full development begins on building www.dangerousdevil.com to have the website complete for January 2017 live launch of the official page for all of Dangerous Devil's new (as well as previously released) music and videos!

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-2-24-2017 4:20 Website Release Party

-6-16-2017 Father's Day Car Show (Dangerous Devil will sign autographs, take pictures and talk with fans) 

-6-17-2017 Magna History Day (Dangerous Devil will have a booth signing autographs, selling cds, merchandise and more)

-7-04-2017 Dangerous Devil will be at the Magna City 4th of July Celebration (signing autographs, selling cds, merchandise and more)

-7-14-2017 Dangerous Devil will be at the Halloween In July in Magna, Utah

-8-19-2017 Dangerous Devil will be at the Magna Arts Festival

-09-20-2017 Dangerous Devil will be at the Redwood Road Swapmeet in West Valley, City, Utah (Cancelled due to severe weather)

10-01-2017 Dangerous Devil will be at the Redwood Road Swapmeet in West Valley City, Utah

-Summer/Fall 2017 Release Of Blak Krow lead single "City Lights" as well as the music video TBA

-Summer/Fall 2017 "BLAK Krow" Tour dates TBA

-11-2017 "Hip Hop For The Homeless" Clothing Drive And Concert

6-14-2018 through 6-16-2018 Dangerous Devil will be at the West Valley West Fest selling music, signing autogrpahs and taking pictures for 3 days! It will be your 1st chance to pick up a LIMITED EDITION PHYSICAL COPY of his new single CITY LIGHTS!

8-10-2018 Dangerous Devil CITY LIGHTS 2018 Tour (stop 1) At The Loading Dock in Salt Lake City

9-14-2018 Dangerous Devil City Lights 2018 Tour (stop 2) At The Loading Dock in Salt Lake City